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Indian Railway Updated Time Table 2015

Ministry of Railways has announced its all new and updated The Indian Railway Time Table October 2015- June 2016. For public betterment, Indian Railways has done numerous changes in the time schedule of the trains, changed some routes and speeded up some trains. Though, extension of trains has not been noticed till now in the Train at a Glance. Indian Public who travel on daily basis, are highly relieved by Indian Railway Updated Time Table 2015. Even some trains have been renumbered, because of change in the timings as well as in the routes.

Indian Railways New Updated Timing

Indian Railways New Updated Timing

  What Trains At A GLANCE is Comprises of?

Trains at a glance is comprises of many things, which are mentioned below. Indian Public can get Trains at a glance full information on the official website or they can get it from any of the nearest railway stations just for Rupees 35/-. Trains at a Glance gibes you full information about:

  • How to Use Indian Railway Time Table?
  • Railway Station Index
  • Various Train Number Index
  • Indian Trains Route Map with its allocated Number
  • Train Name Index
  • Table Index
  • Some Important Trains Information (Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Sampark Kranti, Duronto Express)
  • Railway & Tourism etc

17 Zonal Railway Trains New Time Table Schedule

Approximately, there are around 14, 300 trains currently running under India Railways. The New Time Table of all Indian Trains were came into effect on 1st October 2015. Though, there are no changes in the fares till now. Few months back, Indian Railways hiked the fare of Indian Trains and still the same fares are being imposed on Indian Public. Some Trains are Re named also. For example:

  • Secunderbad- Sirpur Kaghaznagar Express Name is changed to Kaghaznagar Express.
  • New Delhi- Andhra Pradesh Express has changed to Telangana Express.
  • Vishakhapatnam- New Delhi Express has been changed to Andhra Pradesh AC Express.

Indian Railway Trains Updated Schedule

  • Ahmedabad- Mumbai Shatabdi Express will depart from Ahmedabad at 2:40 pm and reach Mumbai Central at 9:20 pm (15 minutes earlier)
  • Hazrat Nizzammudin- Mumbai Central Rajdhani Express will depart from Nizzammudin at 4: 50 pm and Reach Mumbai by 9:45 (15 minutes earlier)
  • Bandra Terminus to Bhavnagar Express will depart from Bandra at 9:30 pm and reach Bhavnagar 10:35 ( 10-15 minutes earlier)

New Delhi- Secunderabad- Bangalore- Mysore

Mumbai CST- Hyderabad- Bangalore- Chennai

New Delhi- Allahabad- Patna- Howrah

Jammu Tawi- Amritsar- ND- Mumbai

Mumabi CST – Mysore- Bangalore

Chennai- Tirunelvi- Thiruvanthapurram- Kanyakumari

Delhi- Jaipur- Barmer- Ahmedabad

Varanasi- Lucknow- Delhi

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