About Us

Examinee.in is an extensive education web portal for students, parents, teachers and many education industries big shots who seeks relevant information on Entrance Exams, Recruitment, Counselling, Results, Admissions administrating all over India.

Examinee is designed to make an access of latest information on education easy for students and give them full insights on every aspect of education. Examinee.in is ‘dedicated to education’ which also covers substantial & relevant information on every tit & bit of education.

Our Mission

Making Education Information, Approachable to every student & parents who are seeking it. Imparting Knowledge in the best manner to the Aspirants will be our primary duty.

Our Vision

Building Examinee a pronounced platform, of education which upgrades, develop and serve education system in India.

Our Concern

According to 2011 statistics India had 74.04% literacy rate, whereas, china had around 95% literacy. Though India improved drastically from 2001 to 2011 in regarding literacy but still in some underdeveloped places of India, Knowledge is in perpetual darkness.

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